retirement income planning denver coloradoIncome planning is a segment of retirement planning. It focuses on mapping out and sustaining preferred income streams during retirement. A common concern for retired or near-retired Americans is: "How will I get the lifelong income I need to maintain a comfortable lifetyle?"

We want you to obtain financial security and peace of mind. Let us help you gain confidence to enjoy life on your terms. Benefit from the certainty of reliable, permanent income each month, no matter what happens, even if:

  • The market falls or corrects
  • Bond values drop
  • Your taxes rise
  • Your tax liability increases

Why do Routine Strategies Fail?

Many investors employ wealth accumulation strategies for extended periods -- sometimes even for a lifetime. But a growth focus isn't always the solution. After all, at some point, retirement becomes a timeline of decumulation. You will face the challenge of replacing income from a salary or a business enterprise with new income streams. Those streams may consist of:

  • Social Security,
  • Possibly pension payments, and/or
  • Money from your retirement portfolio and other sources.

An accumulation strategy may seem a logical counterbalance to your withdrawal rate. Generally speaking, the market will be up for much of the time. But once you enter market-down periods in retirement -- and it is a question of when, not if -- a growth-focused strategy is unlikely to overcome those losses.

In early-retirement, investment losses can be devastating for future income certainty. Financial experts refer to this possibility of "sequence of returns risk." And once an investor has sustained losses, it is a matter of recovery. So, if you have a growth-focused plan in place, it makes income certainty depend on what the market does in the future.

Securing Your Future with Income Planning Strategies

retirement income planning services denver coloradoMost forward-thinking investors want stability and predictability in their monthly income flows. Not income which varies each month! With a personalized retirement plan, you can be secure knowing where your money will come from month-to-month, no matter what happens.

With advanced strategies, you can benefit from:

  • Reliable, lifelong, permanent income
  • More spendable cash-flow to do what you choose
  • Safe, reliable asset growth
  • Wealth protection against ever-changing markets
  • Tax-minimization strategies

Maximize your income, enjoy your lifestyle, spend with confidence, and preserve wealth to pass on in a tax-efficient transfer. Let our independent financial professionals discuss your plans with you; evaluate your needs, objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and financial circumstances; and create a personalized, guaranteed income plan fitted to your lifestyle goals.

Remember, retirement planning is not about accumulation, it is about setting your priorities and the income needed for them. We will help you get the lifetime income you need, and then we can help you grow your capital as much as possible using safe vehicles. 

To get started, call us at (303) 974-6987 to request a complimentary, no-obligation strategy consultation. We look forward to discussing how we can help you achieve financial security and peace of mind.


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